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I wished all my life to own one.


But the price is unreachable for fixed income……. May 11, make.

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Emeralds are mens choice too. My brother is may 10, mother may 27 ex friend may24 co-worker may 11, My mother gave me an emerald ring years ago. It has two small diamonds on either side. May 29th is my birth date. May 29 is my birthday. I have an emerald cut ring given to me by my mother.

I love it and wear it proudly? I wear a very sweet emerald and diamond ring. My son explained the reasoning when he gifted it to me on my 60th birthday. This precious ring will never leave my finger. Hi everyone! I am a grandmother of a May granddaughter. She turned 13 a few weeks ago. We took her to a jewelry store to pick out something. I asked her how often she wore green.

So I suggested she choose something in blue that she can wear with the jeans she most often wears. We got her sized, but she picked a very delicate blue topaz necklace. I tell this because I thought it was a very intelligent pick. I gave her older cousin Amethist for her 13th birthday.

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I plan to do it with all of my Granddaughters. They are such wonderful young women.

They know I love jewelry and That I intend to spoil them. I too am an Gemini, also i love emeralds even before i knew my sign. I have 2 rings 6 pairs of earrings in emerald and diamonds. Yes, I too am a May Birthday Girl as well. May 19th.

Dark Emerald

I have 2 beautiful Emerald rings, and am working on getting a third. They are my absolute Favorite Stone. I have always loved emeralds, and I have an emerald-cut emerald ring surrounded by small diamonds. It is a natural emerald, not lab created. Even though it may not be huge, I love it!

Newt's Emerald by Garth Nix - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Thanks for the article on emeralds, it refreshed my memory on the hx. May 26, Rock on Gold Dust Woman!! I also have a few Emerald rings, but none as lovely as your exquisite jewelry.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Life in Jewels

So very happy to find your site. Thank you, Brilliant Earth! And a very happy birthday to all the other May birthdays. I was looking up precious stones for an idea for my company name and I got attracted to emeralds and intituively I checked for May birthstone because I was born in May…behold, Emeralds is a Maybirthstone! I am so going for emeralds. Hey guys! My b-day is May 2nd, I Love my emeralds also. I am one if the May Birthday girls you mentioned in your article. As a child I hated my birthstone, but my Dad bought my 1st birthstone ring when I was a early teen.

As I grew up I learned to appreciate the beautiful stone. Of course, by then they had become very expensive. I now have 3 emerald rings, one with a. It was purchased when we lived in Hawaii Military. My husband had it custom made after the first setting literally fell apart. Extra diamonds were also added to the new setting. It includes a gorgeous emerald pendant necklace and earrings. The emeralds are all emerald cut with small diamonds at the top.

Both bracelets include diamonds. They are all emerald cut with diamonds. I also have 3 more pair of emerald earrings, in the 1st pair, I purchased the stones loose while on a cruise that included a stop in Mexico. I had them put in a simple mounting. The 2nd pair are very simple in a plain mounting. I was born January. I have one small emerald ring. I plan on getting a set. Hoping it will bring me love and luck.

Changes Are Reshaping the World’s Diamond Market

My b-date is May 21, , and I have the most beautiful emerald ring ever in the world!!! And, it really looks real!!! Beautiful esmerald stone ring,earings, necklace! Brilliantearth is Amazing!?

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This information is From PCH. I had my daughter on May 8th-Emerald. And had my son in April-Diamond…. My birthstone is emerald and on my 50th birthday I bought myself a beautiful round emerald ring with small diamonds surrounding it.

Emerald and Black Spinel Ring

So beautiful. My birth date is May 19th, the date of the Royal Wedding. I own a very old Emerald Ring which I bought when I first started working, many years ago. My birthstone is an Emerald, I would love to have one and hopefully someday I will. My Birthday is on May My first child was born May 8, And2yrs later I had two girls born May4, We all have emeralds. Mine is a pinkie and they have solitaires.

I was born in May and have always loved emeralds. I have nurmous rings, earnings, and necklaces.