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Our life, our earthly pilgrimage, and our suffering are not the fruit of a blind randomness; rather, they are ordered for our greater good and definitive friendship with God. Let us begin, then, precisely from paradise, the final goal and the reason for which we have been created. Our Faith guarantees that in paradise we shall enjoy the vision of God; that is, we shall become participants in that same happiness that the divine Persons enjoy among themselves:.

He makes partners in his heavenly glorification those who have believed in him and remained faithful to his will. A question arises spontaneously: What need did the Trinity have for creatures, for men and angels, when It was already perfect and absolutely sufficient in Itself? The Trinity did it solely out of love, gratuitous and unconditional love for us. The advantage is solely ours: love, joy, and happiness, for all, in paradise. There are degrees of participation in the joy and love of God. This degree of rank is given according to the level of sanctity each person has reached during his lifetime: the joy of St.

Francis of Assisi, for example, will be different from that of the good thief. There is a difference between men on earth, and there will be a difference in paradise. It is similar to what happens with the stars in heaven: there are those that shine brighter and those that shine a little less. So also it will be with men in the glorious resurrection: all of us shall be resplendent, but each one with a different proportion. Each one will have that maximum of splendor and happiness that he is personally capable of, based on how he has lived his life.

Some will have a greater capacity and others less, but without envy or jealousy toward each other.


Indeed, each one will know complete joy. Eternal peace is definitive, where each tear, each sorrow, and all envy will be wiped away. Purgatory is the place, or, better, the state to which come the souls that have need of a purification and therefore have not been immediately admitted to contemplate the face of God. This purification is necessary in order to arrive at sanctity, the condition that heaven requires. This article is from a chapter in An Exorcist Explains the Demonic. We can understand that there are gradations or diverse states in purgatory; each one accommodates the situation of the soul that arrives there.

There are the lower strata, more terrible because they are closer to hell, and the more elevated that are less terrible because they are much closer to the happiness of paradise. The level of purification is linked to this state. The souls in purgatory are in a state of great suffering.

We know, in fact, that they can pray for us and that they can obtain many graces for us, but they can no longer merit anything for themselves. The time for meriting graces finishes with death. Purged souls can, however, receive our help in order to abbreviate their period of purification. This occurs in a powerful way through our prayers, with the offering of our sufferings, paying attention at Mass, specifically at funerals or at Gregorian Masses, celebrated for thirty consecutive days.

This last practice was introduced by St.

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Gregory the Great in the sixth century, inspired by a vision he had of a confrere who died without confessing himself and, having gone to purgatory, appeared to him, asking him to celebrate some Masses in his favor. The pope celebrated them for thirty days. At that point, the deceased appeared to him again, happy for having been admitted to paradise. One must take care: this does not mean that it will always work this way: that would be a magical attitude, unacceptable and erroneous toward a sacrament.

In fact, it is solely God who decides these matters when He wills it through His divine mercy. On the subject of Masses, it is necessary to say that they can be applied to a particular deceased, but, at the last moment, it is God who destines them to those who have a real need. For example, I often celebrate Masses for my parents, whom I believe in my conscience are already in paradise.

Eternal Life | Cru

You don't need a preacher in your presence in order to be saved, you have heard the gospel here. Are you ready to be under God's commands or do you want to keep on doing what you want to do? This decision is yours and your future depends on what choice you make. If you know that this is the truth, I counsel you to make your decision today because tomorrow is not promised to you. Not only that, people's hearts get hard when they keep on rejecting the truth. You don't want your heart to turn to stone to the gospel because if it does, you will go to hell.

That I can guarantee you because the Bible says so.

Hell is real notwithstanding the fake preachers and "theologians" and "doctors" that would tell you otherwise. Will God forgive me? Some may feel like their sins are so bad or so many that they cannot be forgiven. But God is merciful. Please see our article, "Will God forgive me?

Eternal life

Praying is just talking to the Lord. If you want to be saved, talk to Jesus about it. You don't have to repeat these words, but someone may say something like this-- "Dear Lord, I know that I am a sinner and I want to be saved. I repent of my sins, every one. I don't want to do evil anymore, I want to do righteousness through the blood of Jesus. I'm asking you to please forgive me of my sins against you. I want a new life in the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to be everything that You created me to be.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

I believe that Jesus shed His blood and died for me so that I could be saved from my sins. I believe that He rose from the dead on the third day. I want to be your child and follow the holy scriptures. Thank you for being merciful to me, a sinner. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving my soul from sin.

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Please fill me with your precious, Holy Spirit so that I can live a righteous, self-denying life for you. I'm giving you myself. Please show me what you want me to do. Please help me to understand your word and to walk in your word. Please guide me for Jesus' sake. It is in Jesus' Name I pray, Amen. If you continue in his word, then are you his disciple indeed ref. Now begins your new life of freedom and obedience to the Lord and serving him.

You need to be baptized. You need to be baptized in the water like Christians in the Bible. In baptism, we are identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-- Romans Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? When we go under the water, we show that we are dying to the old life, being under the water shows we have died to the old life, and when we come up we show we are purposed to walk in newness of life.

In baptism, we are also shewing the washing away of our sins ref. In Acts , you can read about the Ethiopian eunuch who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and was baptized by Philip in a certain water. We are only baptized one time and that is after we have truly repented and have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. If I were baptized as a baby or in a false church, and then got saved later on, I would get baptized after salvation. You can pray and ask the Lord to lead you to a truly Christian fellowship so that you can get baptized by a Christian and discipled in the way of Christ.