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  1. Where were you hurt?
  2. The Law, Rules and Regulations
  3. Newsom signs 'Stephon Clark Law' AB , covering police use of force - Los Angeles Times

Brazilian President says criminals will "die like cockroaches" under proposed new laws on use of lethal force. In June and July , the Hong Kong police used force against demonstrators during mass protests that was sometimes excessive. This glossary contains key terms of international law and the use of force by law enforcement agencies and officials.

Where were you hurt?

It called on Greece to ensure that all allegations of unauthorized and disproportionate use of force by law enforcement officials are thoroughly and promptly investigated by an independent authority, that the alleged perpetrators are prosecuted, that those found guilty are punished with sentences that are commensurate with the gravity of the offence, and that compensation is provided to the victims or their families.

Regional Makaratzis v.

European Court of Human Rights Makaratzis v. Greece Download KB.


Share this page. Glossary This glossary contains key terms of international law and the use of force by law enforcement agencies and officials.

The Law, Rules and Regulations

Find out more. Search Title. Three weeks on, there is no sign of it; rather the government continues to use the coercive powers of the state to divide and rule, dismissively branding mostly peaceful protest as radical and violent. The government stoically refuses to adopt those measures that could resolve the crisis, such as taking political responsibility for the extradition bill fiasco.

This is a winner take all strategy, the exact opposite of what we were promised.

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What we have seen so far is the tired, colonial face of our government that seeks to govern through mobilising one segment of the community to attack another. More and more voices in Hong Kong are calling for an independent commission, led by a respected and impartial person, to investigate the extradition bill saga and especially the role and behaviour of the police in it.

The CE has refused unequivocally this demand. Not to establish such a commission, however, imposes high costs on the community.

5 Police Officers vs A law knowing Citizen

We are robbed of our right to know what happened, how the government has led and trained the police, and used them for propaganda and political purposes. Only through these means can we begin to rebuild trust in the police which is necessary for our survival.

Newsom signs 'Stephon Clark Law' AB , covering police use of force - Los Angeles Times

The police are taking heavy criticism which should be directed at the government and its advisors. The police deserve our respect and support; instead, the current irresponsible government has turned policing in Hong Kong into political theatre. Photo: Todd R.

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Two Hong Kong cops freed over activist Ken Tsang assault case, five others have jail terms reduced.